I just gonna start writing and see if i get something out. A relationship with another person is an amazing thing to have. Especially, loving personal one. It was what seemed to help me grow into who i am right now.[and no i don't think i'm all grown up at 17] It has given world with more emotion feeling and meaning. It happens naturally, but this girl really helped. I have friends now and I'm not afraid to do normal teenager stuff liek go to someones house and "hangout," whatever the hell that actually means. i have developed social skills, i've really kissed a girl, i understand what caring is, i know somewhat joy and pain, all this is a little bit of growing up. i see so many ppl and i think if they wud just get a girlfriend. I am no longer hugely shy and i;m actually kinda loud(oops) I wud never go back to being a kid. I don't think i cud have made it thru all this freaking crap without her. I love you EGW.
Teenager moment 11-07-07 20:42
Okay so I'm having a "teenagerish" moment. It's the whole realisation that being beautiful is great and fun but it doesn't mean anything. All the stress in ur life doesn't go away b/c ur gf says ur sexy. U still got hw and the family dog still runs away and ur mom still cries. U still get blamed... see it as whatever it means to you.
so anyway... 04-03-07 23:15
Shit's fucked up, but not that much lately compared to sometimes.
Hello, 03-13-07 20:15
hey guys y i dk how to use this